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About the

ICT/FinTech Working Group

Who are we?

The Donegal ICT/FinTech Working Group was formed in 2018 following the publication of an ICT/FinTech skills report by the North West Regional Skills Forum which identified the ICT/FinTech sectors amongst the fastest growing in the county with significant numbers of new high tech jobs being created in the coming years. 


This unique collaborative group is comprised of many leading local, national and international employers based in the county including Pramerica, Optum, SITA, Randox, ElectroRoute, ERNACT, ITUS Secure Technologies and supported by Donegal Education Training Board (ETB) and Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT).

What is our objective?

The overall objective of the Working Group is to promote working and studying in ICT and FinTech locally. We aim to achieve this by visiting the post primary schools in the county and delivering presentations and demonstrations. In addition, we will invite Guidance Counsellors, Teachers and students on tours of our organisations to improve their understanding of what working in ICT and FinTech involves. We will also host public information sessions where parents, teachers, guidance counsellors and others can attend and learn more about the sectors.


Why choose a career in ICT/FinTech ?

The sector is extremely broad and expanding all the time. Ireland is the second largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world and currently the European Headquarters for many of the world’s largest technolgy companies.


Many of the jobs in these sectors are in Software Development, Data Science/Analytics and Technical Support. Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are other areas that are expected to experience strong growth in the next five years. Despite fears of new disruptive technologies/automation threatening certain roles, the need for skilled employees to use advanced technologies will become more apparent than ever.

ICT now permeates almost all sectors of the economy. Almost 50% of those employed in ICT occupations in Ireland are employed outside of the sector. It has been reported that almost 40% of ‘difficult to fill’ roles across all sectors in Ireland in recent years were in the area of ICT.

Many financial services organisations are looking at technology to embrace innovation and provide better customer experience. The converging financial and technology sectors or “FinTech” will continue to provide significant opportunities to Ireland. The FinTech sector is a Government priority, as evident from its strategy for developing Ireland’s Financial Services Sector, IFS 2025. Ireland is renowned as a world-leading centre for the FinTech industry and in particular the new disruptive technologies such as Blockchain.



Find out more about the exciting wide range of Career opportunities within the fastest growing sector  available right at your door step...



Keep up to date with the latest news and upcoming events in Donegal within the ICT/FinTech sector

The Donegal ICT/FinTech Working Group, with the help of Re-Act Productions, are pleased to share with you our latest promotional video 'Enter The Sector'. The objective of the video is to promote working and studying in the ICT/FinTech sector in Donegal. 



Meet the people who have exciting careers right here in Donegal

Ciara O'Rourke, Lead Architect, SITA 

I spend my day working with our customers, airports and airlines, helping them to become more operationally efficient and deliver to them innovative solutions to address their needs. My team is internationally located, and I travel world-wide as part of my job, meeting interesting people and experiencing exciting opportunities.

Eilís McFadden , Digital Communications, ERNACT

As a recent graduate of LYIT with a Master of Science in Marketing Practice, I was lucky to secure a job with ERNACT as part of a culturally diverse team. Due to the changeable and fast-paced nature of the digital marketing sector, this creative discipline offers me a challenging but rewarding career in my home Donegal, with the opportunity to travel and engage daily with people from over 15 European countries.

David Vance, Software Engineer, Randox Teoranta

Every day I have the opportunity to work with world-leading scientists across Ireland and the UK designing novel software applications that help identify diagnostic markers for human disease. It’s challenging, good fun and I get an immense amount of personal satisfaction knowing that my work contributes to improving people’s health all over the world.

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